Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

While owning a parking lot can seem low-maintenance to anyone who’s never had one, those who’ve had to deal with the wear and tear that comes along with ownership know different. As a Long Island asphalt paving company we educate our customers on reasons to sealcoat your parking lot.

What’s a Sealcoat?

A seal coating essentially acts as a protective layer for the asphalt it’s being applied to. If you’re looking to spend less money fixing cracks and killing weeds that pop up in your asphalt, making seal coating a regular part of your maintenance schedule might be a good idea.

What Causes Damage in Asphalt?

To understand the importance of sealcoating, it’s good to know what causes damage in asphalt. One of the major causes of damage in asphalt is water. Over time rainwater can get into asphalt, expanding and contracting with changes in temperature. This expansion can cause the asphalt to crack, allowing even more water to get in and damaging it further. Even worse, cracks in your asphalt can gather dirt, which allows weeds & plants to take root and damage it even further. Another issue direct sunlight, this can cause the binder in the asphalt to degrade. When this happens, your asphalt loses structural stability, and is open to even worse damage.

When to hire a sealcoating company

This is where a professionally sealcoating company comes in. Sealcoat properly every 2-3 years, you’ll add an extra layer of protection against the elements to your asphalt. Not only does a seal coat help extend the life of your asphalt to almost twice its original lifespan, but a sealcoat is also visually appealing. Properly applied, this can transform a patchy, washed-out stretch of asphalt into a uniformly beauteous piece of property that serves as a proper introduction to your home or business.