168 Townline Rd. Kings Park, NY 11754



Striping, Crackfilling, Drywells & Drainage, Speed Bumps & Parking Stalls, Stump Removal, etc.

A well-marked parking lot is crucial to parking area safety. Re-striping or laying new markings for individual parking spots, crosswalks, speed limits, arrows, etc. is a necessary aspect of parking lot maintenance. A freshly striped lot is clean, attractive, and professional.

Crackfilling is the first line of defense against potholes and pavement deterioration. Early and effective crackfilling will keep any water, dirt, sand, etc. from entering the pavement base, thus preventing the crack growth from expanding. Crackfilling provides excellent prevention of larger, more costly issues.
Pioneer is able to install any type/size of concrete drywell with necessary drainage for proper water flow throughout driveway and parking lot areas.