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Driveways, Parking Lots, Patching, and Tennis/Basketball Courts

Asphalt pavement is the material of choice for the majority homes and parking lots across the country. Made up of various sizes of stone, sand, hot tar, oil, and other ingredients, asphalt is a recycled material that requires little maintenance and is durable enough to endure years of heavy traffic flow. Typical thickness of a residential driveway is 2” compacted, but can vary with parking lots and courts. Whether your project calls for laying new asphalt or an asphalt repair, we will always recommend the best solution so you get the most for your investment. Pioneer purchases all asphalt material from both Posillico and Rason asphalt plants, ensuring top-quality New York State Department of Transportation material.

The typical driveway process is removing and recycling the existing asphalt driveway, prep RCA crushed stone base, and install the asphalt. If there's masonry work involved, then Pioneer would rip/prep the driveway, take care of the masonry work, then return to install the asphalt. If the customer is looking to extend the driveway beyond the existing footprint, or install a drywell, we suggest waiting 2 - 4 weeks to allow the virgin soil to settle before installing the asphalt.